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We provide Safe & Fast delivery .Many sites transfer chips with unprofessional way and break the rule of transferring chips,that will cause the accounts get sent to jail server. please check our stock by our livesupport before you place your order!

Safety is much more important than price!

We trade face to face on table(add you as friend,invite you to a empty room and make you win the chips with our unique and 100% safe way.)

Select Server: Select Currency : USD   EUR   GBP
50Million Pokerist chips 20 USD 12 USD
100Million Pokerist chips 20 USD 19 USD
200Million Pokerist chips 30 USD 36 USD
300Million Pokerist chips 45 USD 52 USD
500Million Pokerist chips 65 USD 70 USD
1000Million Pokerist chips 115 USD 136 USD
2000Million Pokerist chips 270 USD 270 USD

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You know who I am? Thank you for
the chips!!

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Thank you for a good job and service

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Immidiate and accurate responses Excellent manners
and attitude A+

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Very very fast and perfect! Thank you as always!
Best service!

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Super fast very polite and knew everything i asked
and even made it simple for a beginner like me to
understand  i will be back for future business

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great service, I was afraid at first that its not
legit, but it turns out their good and they deliver the

chips as they promised

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Good Service! Will buy again!!

---thank you for the Help :D name: ***ceiy
This Customer Service rep  went

beyond the call of  duty to help me out :)

thank you for the Help :D

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love this site i must buy chips at least twice a
week i do not know what i would do without this site.
keep up the good work!

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was skeptical at first. but customer service was
great and the chips.never disappoint. will be back!

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Always courteous and wait time is minimal! Well done!

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Our Advantage:
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We provide 7 Days a Week Customer Service - online chat/ email / phone service to our customers.
Quick & Secure Delivery Guaranteed
We not only ensure prompt delivery but that your order remains secure every time - we guarantee it!
Lowest Price Guarantee
We never give up trying to offer lower price for our loyal customers.
No Spamming - Ever!
No annoying in-game messages, no unsolicited e-mails, no ugly spam listings in the major search engines and no false endorse-ments
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